“Unlimited creativity to a high standard of both concept and execution, based on clear and well-understood client communication.” 

Through many years of working in ceramic tableware, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the industry as well as of those whom it serves. My practice provides an unusually detailed bespoke service on both pattern and shape designs to our high-end hotel/restaurant clients, marrying beauty and practicality in an international, public and commercial context. I'm flexible with styles and I work strictly yet creatively within briefs. I deliver my high standard of professional designs through having an in-depth understanding of design, communication, the ceramic industry, branding and marketing. I take pride in understanding my clients’ needs thoroughly, solving their problems with well-finished products.

I deal comfortably with both “Western brands in Asia” and “Eastern products in the West” on a daily basis, due to my cross-cultural upbringing and experience. This bi-cultural fluency is one of my unique abilities, and it allows me to build strong bridges that connect my clients to their markets.

Since becoming Art Director at Legle France from July 2014, my main responsibility is leading the design team, while assisting the sales team in opening up a completely new market for the brand in Asia. Within the space of one year, I have delivered high-end tableware bespoke designs to the following clients: JW Marriot Macau, Park Hyatt Guangzhou, Waldorf Astoria Beijing, Four Seasons Seoul, Four Seasons Dubai, Four Seasons Kuwait, Wanda Hotel group, City of Dreams Macau, Rosewood Beiing, Peninsula Shanghai, Otto e Mezzo, and many more.

I’m also one of the founders of 1660 London. Our first product range ‘1660 LONDON tea tasting cups’ won the best new product prize at the World Tea Expo 2012, Our current clients are: Fortnum & Mason, Twinings, Barclays Asia. Our Stockists are: Fortnum & Mason, Postcard Teas, V&A museum, Amara.com, Companion Coffee.
Since 2008, I have also been deeply involved with Postcard Teas as Art Director. It was a two-year-old brand when I first joined the company and started working closely with Timothy d’Offay, its owner. We re-designed the packaging and the website, launching events and exhibitions as well as sourcing unique products. Now, after seven years, we collaborate with some of the finest British brands: The River Café, Balthazar, Umu, Quo Vadis, Café Oto, The Delaunay, Dock Kitchen, Fernandez & Wells, The Espresso Room, Taylor Street Baristas, Poilâne’s Cuisine de Bar, Prufrock Coffee, Margaret howell, among others.
2014年7月应邀成为Legle France亚洲区设计总监,担负起为其开拓亚洲市场的重要任务,迄今为止已为如下国际酒店集团提供高定服务:万豪国际酒店Marriott, 柏悦酒店Park Hyatt, 华尔道夫酒店Waldorf Astoria, 四季酒店Four Seasons, 万达集团Wanda, 新濠天地酒店City of Dream, 瑰丽酒店Rosewood, 香格里拉酒店集团Shangri-la等。
2012年起成为英国生活方式品牌1660 London创始人之一,该品牌主打产品1660London品茶杯获2013年拉斯维加斯世界茶业博览会创新产品奖。其高定客户有福南梅森百货Fortnum & Mason, 川宁茶Twining, 巴克莱银行Barclays Asia 等国际品牌。
2012年受BBC电视台之邀,与维多利亚·伍德Victoria Wood共赴武夷山参与中国茶文化纪录片的拍摄。
2008年加入Postcard Teas, 任创意总监,协助创始人Timothy d’Offay,全程参与创业,目前与Postcard Teas合作的品牌有: The River Café, Balthazar, Umu, Quo Vadis, Café Oto, The Delaunay, Dock Kitchen, Fernandez & Wells, The Espresso Room, Taylor Street Baristas, Poilâne’s Cuisine de Bar, Prufrock Coffee, Margaret howell 等数十家精品品牌。期间也与多位中国,日本和英国的资深手工艺人合作,每年举办两次传统手工艺展览与活动,涉及陶瓷,编织,大漆,玻璃,铸铁,铜器等多种领域。
2008年获得英国Asprey设计实习职位,参与摩洛哥国际豪华快艇博览会高定项目。实习结束后接受Queensberry Hunt等陶瓷设计公司的设计业务
2007年为瑞典百货公司 Åhléns设计限量签名陶瓷摆件,两个月内售罄,成为该公司当年的销售亮点。
2008获当年瑞典皇家The Anglo-Swedish Society基金会唯一赴英国皇家美术学院(RCA)的奖学金名额,以交换学者身份赴英。并在当年获Wachtsbach全欧陶瓷茶具设计金奖,应邀赴德考察。
2002-2007瑞典斯德哥尔摩国立艺术与设计学院陶瓷与玻璃,硕士学位, 毕业作品被Gustavsberg陶瓷博物馆收藏。
求学期间获Rosenthal全欧陶瓷设计奖提名,应邀携获奖作品赴法兰克福当代美术馆参展。除获得若干大小奖学金外,还曾两次获得瑞典优秀青年设计师称号(Swedish Young Designer 2006/2007),作品在斯德哥尔摩,伦敦与东京等地巡回展出。